Thomas Cavanaugh Foundation

What We Did

Our team created the website for the Thomas Cavanagh Foundation, focusing on its mission to continue Tom Cavanagh’s legacy of generosity in the community. The site is designed to be engaging and informative, showcasing the foundation’s goals, grant opportunities, and ways to donate. We aimed to reflect the foundation’s emphasis on local giving and support, making it easy for visitors to learn about its initiatives and get involved.

About tHe Company

The Thomas Cavanagh Foundation was established in 2019 to immortalize Tom’s legacy of generosity in the community he cherished. Tom was known for his unique ability to recognize and meet needs of all sizes, often in his own distinctive style. He had a passion for helping his neighbors and community thrive. With a focus on local giving, the foundation aims to honor and perpetuate Tom’s passion for the place he called home and the people he considered friends.