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Your logo Defines Your business. Make Sure it Looks great.

Your business deserves a marketing company that actually understands your industry. Blue Collar Marketing is your digital partner to beat the competition.

Professional Construction & Contractor Logos

Your logo Defines Your business. We Make Sure It Looks great.

Think of your logo as your brands reputation. It represents what people will say about your business when you’re not in the room. We make sure they are saying good things. It only takes 7 seconds for you to form a first impression based on looks. Our professional logo designers make sure those 7 seconds are memorable (pun intended).
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A Logo Design You’re proud To Show Off

If your logo looks hack, people will think your work is the same.

How many logos do you see on the side of trucks when driving around town in a day? A hell of a lot! The vast majority you probably forget about immediately. Why? Because they were created using some free template or online logo making tool that spits out generic logos. We set your business apart from the pack with a logo people will remember and associate with high-quality work.

Custom Design

Our designers do not use templates, free icons, or free logo generators. They are skilled designers that build custom logos based on what you want to see. Your logo will be 100% unique.

Any Application

We know trades companies need logo applications for everything from a business card to an excavator. We make sure you have all the files you need to confidently display your logo.

Stand Out

We take time to research your industry and target demographic. This results in a logo that resonates with your audience better and stands out when compared to your competitors.

Contractor Logo Design

Starting At $699CAD

Our skilled logo designers work to understand your vision and create you a logo that looks great on everything from your merch to your truck door.

We Work with All Trades and all sizes

We have worked with the one-man carpenter and the 1400-person construction company. We have experience in just about every industry for logo design and can handle the small, the big, and everything in between.

Logo Design for Contractors & Construction Companies.

A Smooth Process From Start to Finish. We need to know your story before we can design your logo. We follow a process that has been proven to build stunning logos that clients love. We take the time to do it right the first time.
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01. Discover

We will collaboratively identify your business goals, target market, value propositions, preferred aesthetics, and perform a competitor analysis.

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02. Define

With the information we gather from our discovery meeting we define a clear plan for your brand strategy, identity and positioning within your industry.
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03. Develop

We are now ready to develop your company logo, colours, and variations. We tweak and refine the brand elements until you are happy.