blue collar marketing - digital marketing agency ontario
blue collar marketing - digital marketing agency ontario

A Dedicated Contractor Marketing Team

Pushing the blue collar industry forward.

Our young and talented team comprises former blue collar workers that excel at digital marketing. Learn more about how we came to be and what drives us day in and day out.

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Contractor Marketing Done Right

Industry Knowledge & Years of Contractor Marketing Experience.

We aren’t your typical team of marketing professionals. All our team members originally started working in blue collar jobs. We have put in those long days in the hot sun and freezing cold weather. This understanding and appreciation of blue collar work translates into our work.

Blue Collar Marketers On Site

We Understand Hard Work

You will not find a team that works harder to see their clients succeed. We are the type of people that would much rather work late into the night than push a deadline. That’s a level of commitment that’s hard to find. 

Carpentry Marketers

We Actually Get Your Industry

Having a team that understands your day to day is helpful in more ways than one. We don’t need to spend time researching your industry, we don’t harass you with questions, and we already know what you’re looking for.
blue collar marketing - digital marketing agency ontario

We Bring You Better Results

As a specialized company, we have spent years refining our services and have the data to back it. We know we can provide you with great results because we have done it before with a similar company in a different location.

The Idea Behind Blue Collar Marketing.

Back in June 2016, Wes Mann and Chris Mackey ditched their summer gigs and kicked off Student Property Services. SPS was all about deck building, landscaping, painting, window cleaning – basically any tough job that’d bring in cash. They expanded quick, growing to 13 workers by 2017, and by 2018, they sold the business.

During this run, Wes and Chris learned how crucial digital marketing is for contractors and service businesses. Their website brought in loads of work, and they saw lots of trade businesses missing out on the digital game. So, they started Blue Collar Marketing to help contractors get more gigs through online marketing.

The People Behind The Brand

Meet Some of Our Trusted Team Members.

Meet some of our dedicated team members who are responsible for providing great marketing results to our contracting clients and customers. We’re committed to seeing you succeed.

Chris Mackey

Managing Partner

Chris takes charge of development & sales at BCM. He also implements tech improvements for products and marketing efforts.

Wesley Mann

Managing Partner
Wes ensures big ideas come to life and shit runs smoothly. He manages finances, internal marketing, partnered agencies, and our accounts team.

Sasha Hill

Director of Web Design
Sasha is developing contractor websites from sunup until sundown. She is a highly skilled WordPress developer with a passion for creative work.

Harrison Caldeira

Operations & Success MAnager

Harrison leads the charge when it comes to project, account & automations management. He’s your go-to guy for your project.

Ian RoanTree

Account & Content Manager

Ian handles all of partner network agencies as well as developing kick ass content for our clients across North America.

Maddy Stenning

Office manager

Maddy is the glue that keeps Blue Collar Marketing together! She handles the daily activities of the office and chats with clients.

Curtis Leonard

Director Of Sales

Curtis leads our sales efforts in serving North America’s contractors with top-tier digital marketing services!

Jess Avery

SEO & Content Specialist
Jess leads the charge in writing engaging content and works on SEO at Blue Collar Marketing, helping our clients show up better online.

Kof0 Adesanya

Junior Web Developer
Kofo designs custom engaging websites and digital experiences at BCM. He makes sure the pixels are aligned.

Emily Lees

customer Success Manager
Emily loves helping clients thrive. With a background in account management, she’s all about building strong relationships and making sure everyone’s happy.

Join The Blue Collar MArketing Team.

Help Us Push the Blue Collar Industry Forward

Start a rewarding career with Blue Collar Marketing, where we specialize in digital marketing for contractors. Join our team, contribute your skills, and help blue collar businesses grow in the digital world. We offer a collaborative and innovative work environment for your professional growth.