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Our Sweaters collection offers a warm embrace for those who brave the elements, combining cozy fabrics with the rugged durability expected from the Blue Collar brand.

$55.00 CAD
Blue Collar 1/4″ Zip Sweater

Enjoy durable comfort tailored for the construction field with the Blue Collar 1/4″ Zip Sweater, ideal for industrious workers in various environments.

$45.00 CAD
Blue Collar Crew Neck Sweater

Experience comfort and durability with the Blue Collar Crew Neck Sweater, perfect for hardworking individuals in any setting.

$90.00 CAD
Blue Collar Hi-Vis Full Zip Hoodie

Designed for construction sites, the Blue Collar Hi-Vis Full Zip Hoodie is tough and straightforward, offering a comfortable and protective fit.

$50.00 CAD
Blue Collar Hoodie

Rugged yet cozy, this hoodie merges heavy-duty fabric with a comfortable fit, perfect for work and relaxation.