How to Avoid PPC Mistakes for Construction Companies – Part 1

PPC advertising can be a game-changer for construction companies, but avoiding common mistakes is critical to success. Learn how to run a successful PPC campaign in this two-part series.

Pay-per-click (PPC) effectively enables a construction company to reach potential customers online. However, making mistakes with PPC can be costly and hinder your company’s growth. To ensure that your PPC campaigns are successful and profitable, it is important to avoid the common mistakes that many construction companies make. 

This is a two-part blog where we will discuss the 10 solutions to a PPC campaign for a construction company:

1. Proper Keyword Research

It is important to take the time to research the words and phrases that people in your target audience are likely to use when searching for construction services. This will help you create more effective ad campaigns and reach the right people.

2. Use Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are words or phrases you exclude from your advertising campaigns so that your ads don’t appear when someone searches for those terms. This helps to ensure that your ads are only seen by people who are more likely to be interested in your product or services, thus increasing the chances of them converting.

3. Set a Reasonable Budget

Creating a practical financial plan for your PPC efforts is essential for success. Pay attention to how your PPC campaigns are performing, as spending too much money without getting a good return can quickly deplete your budget.

4. A/B Testing Ads

A/B testing is comparing two versions of an advertisement (A and B) to determine which one performs better. By testing different versions of an ad, you can identify which elements are most effective in generating clicks, conversions, and other desired outcomes. This helps you optimize your ad campaigns for better results.

5. Track Results

Measuring the performance of your PPC campaigns is crucial for assessing their success. You will only know if you’re achieving the desired results by monitoring the output.

6. Use Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeting is a marketing technique that enables businesses to deliver their advertisements to potential customers located within a specific geographic area. This allows businesses to tailor their marketing strategies better and concentrate their efforts on those more likely to be interested in their products or services.

7. Use Remarketing

Remarketing enables you to re-engage with people who have already visited your website, allowing you to keep your brand in their thoughts and potentially increase the chances of them completing a purchase.

8. Take Advantage of Automation

Automation can streamline your PPC advertising efforts, allowing you to allocate more time and money to where you need it most. By automating mundane tasks like ad scheduling, bidding, and budgeting, you can free up resources to focus on more important aspects of your campaigns, helping you get the most out of your PPC budget.


PPC advertising can be a powerful tool for driving traffic and generating leads for your business. However, avoiding common mistakes is important to get the most out of your PPC campaigns. By avoiding these common PPC mistakes, you’ll be able to get the most out of your PPC campaigns and maximize your return on investment. Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog.

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