The Blue Collar Marketing Partner Program

Your Marketing Team Reinvented. The Complete Solution.

If you want to grow your business and not worry about marketing, we can help. For less than the cost of a minimum wage worker, we will take care of your digital marketing.

The #1 Blue Collar Marketing Program


Our partner program is the single best way to market your contracting or construction business. We deliver quality marketing on a monthly basis that adds long term value and sustainable growth for your company. We don’t promise insane sales or unachievable goals. We simply get you seen online, save you money, and allow you to focus on what you do best.





We handle your marketing.
you run your business.

We’ve been in this industry a long time, leave it to a team that knows your business inside and out.

We plan, we execute, we repeat.

How Our Partner Program Helps Your Contracting Business Succeed.

We take care of all the digital marketing tasks you should be doing, but don’t have the time to do or can’t find someone reliable to handle for you. We follow a simple process that is proven to work with trades companies.

blue collar marketing - digital marketing agency ontario

Lay The Foundation

The foundation that supports your entire digital presence is your website. Just like building a home, if your foundation is garbage, the house won’t last long. We start by building you a badass website that is SEO optimized, loads fast, and works great on any device. We will also audit your digital presence, find your weak points, and plan how we will fix them.
blue collar marketing - digital marketing agency ontario

Build The House

Once the foundation is laid, we need to grow your brand awareness and expand your reach online. We do this through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads (PPC), and reputation management. When done consistently, we turn your website into a digital asset that drives sales and takes up real estate on Google. From foundation to home.
Digital Marketing Partner Program

Insure The House

When we practice strong marketing efforts for months, we start to build momentum. We can’t sit back and relax at this point though, we need to reassess goals, adjust strategies, and continue to build on what has been created. If you’re now booked for 6 months that’s great, but we want to make it a year. Adding insurance to the investment you’ve made.

The Blue Collar Market Disruptor Program

Starting At $1999CAD / Month

A minimum wage worker costs the average employer around $2500 before employer remittances. When you join our program, you pay less and get access to an entire digital marketing team dedicated to contractors. Here’s what’s Included:

A Brand New Website

Don’t settle for a generic website that blends in with the crowd. Stand out with a custom-designed website optimized for contractors. Our team of experts will craft a website that showcases your services, attracts leads, and converts them into customers.


Stop relying on word-of-mouth and start reaching your ideal customers directly with Google Ads. Our experienced team will create and manage targeted campaigns that reach your ideal customer and drive quality leads to your business. The perfect addition to Contractor SEO.

Generate More Reviews

Your business reputation is everything. Let us help you build a great one. We’ll gather and manage positive reviews from happy customers, so potential customers know they can trust you. With a solid reputation, you’ll see your business thrive.

Rank Higher on Google

Rise above the competition by dominating Google results. Our proven SEO strategies will boost your online presence, attract customers, and establish you as a trusted expert in your industry. Get ready for more leads and increased sales.

Professional Media Shoot

Showcase your work and impress potential customers with a professional media shoot. Our experienced team will capture stunning visuals of your projects, allowing you to promote your services in the best light possible and feature them on your website and social media.

Monthly Reporting & Meetings

Take your marketing to the next level with regular check-ins from our experienced team. They’ll provide you with monthly reports and expert advice to help you fine-tune your marketing efforts and stay ahead of the game. Get the support you need to grow your business and succeed.

Eligibility Requirements to Join the Program

The Blue Collar Marketing Partner Program is exclusive to one company per location and only for businesses above the 1 Million mark for annual gross revenue. You are probably wondering why, so, here it is. Companies above the million-dollar mark have the resources to pay for our services and not be strapped for cash.

We would much rather have a business wait to get over that mark then take their money and have them stressing over cash flow every day. That’s not fair and not how we do business. We want you to be in a good position and ready to take that next step. We will also talk about the steps you can take now that will help and work with you as a traditional website or logo client.

The Blue Collar MArket Leader Program

Starting At $2999CAD / Month

Our market leader program is the complete digital solution for those looking to dominate their local market.

Includes everything in the market leader program

A program specifically designed for contractors.

It has taken us years and 100’s of projects to understand the needs of this market and develop a program that solves your problems. Our team has worked tirelessly to add value in the areas your business needs it most.
We help you..
blue collar marketing - digital marketing agency ontario

Save Time

We give you your time back so you can focus on running your business. We have got your marketing covered so you can hammer out jobs.
blue collar marketing - digital marketing agency ontario

Grow ONline

We help you grow your online presence, find new customers, and attract the top talent through innovative digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing for Contractors

Plan Ahead

We focus on long-term, sustainable growth for your business allowing you to plan ahead. We partner with you for years to come.