Charity Website Creation

Increased Donations For Thomas Cavanagh Foundation.

Thomas Cavanagh Construction, one of the largest construction companies in Eastern Ontario, needed a dedicated website for their charity foundation – so they came to Blue Collar Marketing to create an engaging website and increase donations for their charity.

"Blue Collar Marketing made our website design process seamless. They are extremely knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to take your project to the next level. Would recommend to anyone!"

Thomas Cavangh Foundation

Patrick Davies

Marketing Team, Thomas Cavanagh Construction

Understanding The Project Delivering The Solution.

The Thomas Cavanagh Foundation was established in 2019, with the dream of immortalizing Tom’s generosity in the community he loved. Tom was known for his enthusiastic support of local endeavors. This foundation was created after his passing in late 2019 to honour and carry on his generosity. TCF came to Blue Collar Marketing to create a website that portrays this generosity and entices the community to donate to the cause.

Engaging Design

Blue Collar Marketing designed a more modern theme that works seamlessly with Thomas Cavanagh’s current branding. While keeping their brand colors consistent.

Donation Portal

The development team had to reimagine the donation process for the Thomas Cavanagh Foundation. Users can now easily donate via a designated donation page.

Compelling Story

In order to convince users to donate, Blue Collar Marketing had to incorporate a design that told the compelling story of Thomas Cavanagh’s legacy.

Immediate Results Seen After Launch.

Thomas Cavanagh Foundation Saw an Increase in Charity Donations and Exposure.

After successfully launching the new Thomas Cavanagh Foundation website, the company immediately saw an influx of donations and great exposure to their Charity organization. The new seamless process to donate to the charity has provided the local community with an easy way to contribute to the cause.