blue collar marketing - digital marketing agency ontario
blue collar marketing - digital marketing agency ontario

Fontaine Trucking Inc.

What We Did

Our team developed the Fontaine Trucking Inc. website with a focus on their landscaping, excavation, and grading services in Ottawa. We aimed for a user-friendly, informative design to highlight their commitment to providing quality service. The website makes it easy for clients to understand their comprehensive services and equipment rental options, reflecting their dedication to customer satisfaction.

About tHe Company

Fontaine Trucking Inc., operational since 2021, has evolved from a tri-axle rental company into a full-service landscaping and contracting firm. Boasting over seven years of experience in landscaping and land services, the company specializes in foundation weatherproofing, landscaping, excavation, and grading. Fontaine Trucking Inc. is distinguished by its dedication to service quality and customer education, ensuring homeowners fully understand the work being undertaken. The company’s promise is clear: to perfectly execute whatever vision their clients have.