Elk Creek Contracting Inc.

What We Did

Our team designed the website for Elk Creek Contracting Inc. to showcase their wide range of contracting services across Northwestern Montana and Northern Idaho. The site features a professional and user-friendly design, highlighting their expertise in services like excavation, stream restoration, and forestry management. We ensured the website reflects their commitment to delivering high-quality and efficient services, with a focus on customer satisfaction.

About tHe Company

Since its establishment in 1987, Elk Creek Contracting, Inc. has been providing a wide range of superior contracting services, including logging and residential excavation throughout Northwestern Montana and Idaho. Founded by John Fitchett, this family-owned business is dedicated to customer satisfaction, timely delivery, and exceptional efficiency. With a rich history and diverse expertise, Elk Creek Contracting, Inc. is committed to tackling any job with vigor, positioning itself as the ultimate solution for contracting needs.